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Start of procedure powder loading of the capsules in the glove box

Fig.1   Open Power’s   "Upgraded Parkhomov-like"   Reactor in the Safety Chamber under
         temperature, pressure and webcam control  (designed and assembled by Q. Cuccioli)

Fig. 2   Webcam in the safety box

Fig. 3  Left electrode

Fig. 4   Right electrode

Fig. 5  Overall view

Fig. 6  Measuring devices and reactor (1)

Fig. 7  Measuring devices and reactor (2)

Fig. 8  Temperature and pressure control in the closed safety box

Fig. 9  Reactor pressure control

Fig. 10   Reactor temperature recording

Fig. 11   Box refrigeration system

Fig. 12  Box refrigeration system (particular)

Fig. 13   Reactor temperature control

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