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to the Open POWER Association

The applicant, sharing the aims of the Association "Open POWER"
asks to join as a member :

• Ordinary member..............30,00 euro / year
• Supporting member...........from 50,00 euro / year
• Honorary member..............no fee
• Corporation.....................100,00 euro / year

He   explicitly  declares to know and share the aims of the Association contained in the Statute published on the website www.hydrobetatron.org ; he is informed that the activities, at unquestionable  discretion of the Evaluation Committee,   in contrast with  those purposes ,  with the Statute of the Association, or contrary to the Code of Conduct of members (updated in assembly) would cause ipso facto the decay  of membership.

Expressly and irrevocably he accepts the prohibition of using (or  contributing  actively to make utilize)  information coming to his attention,  for non-peaceful purposes.

The membership  will be active only after acceptance of the adhesion by the Association and after the subsequent payment, by the applicant, of the annual membership fee.

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